"A member asked why their email (shown in video) was going into spam. This video shows the exact steps that got this particular email into the inbox"

Helpful Tips...
1) To ensure the highest deliverability rate for your emails, please create and use an email address that ends with your domain name.
(example: neil@mydomainname.com)

 NOTE: Using public email addresses like Gmail will considerably drop your email deliverability.

2) When creating the clickable text (inside the body of your email), it's best to use words like "View Here", "See it here", or "Go Here"... instead of words like "Click Here".

3) Avoid using all caps and multiple exclamation points.

4) If you are using an email campaign via a share code, and some of those emails are going into spam, you can fix this yourself... simply copy the campaign by clicking here: (see red arrow below)

Once you have copied (and renamed) the campaign, you can now make your edits.  Be sure you paste each email into 'wordpad' or 'notepad'.  Doing so will remove any hidden bad code. (pasting your email text into 'wordpad' or 'notepad' is NOT necessary when you are starting from scratch... you ONLY need to do this when editing an email created by someone else). When done editing, obviously you'll copy and paste from 'notepad' or 'wordpad' back into your email editor.

Don't forget to attach your newly renamed/edited email campaign to your shared funnel. 

5) Be sure to test each email, once your edits are complete.

6) Watch the video above for more 'email editing' tips.